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Video: Humpback Whales Encounter in Alaska

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Up close & personal with the Humpback Whales

An incredible experience at Point Adolphus, #Alaska. A particular group of 9 #Humpback whales was especially active. We watched them for a while and at one point were drifting on a parallel. The whales had silently dipped below the water's surface, when they instantly appeared slightly ahead of us just off of our port bow (left front side). Suddenly they turned and started making a bee line directly for us!

Our heart rates jumped, the adrenalin started pumping through our veins and we knew we were helpless to change anything. It only took a split second to transpire but it felt as if everything moved in slow-motion. Even though these huge mammals were within feet of the boat, they never touched, bumped or nudged us! Incredible!

Remember that our #sailing yacht is 40' (12m) long and these Humpback Whales are easily our length or more and up to 3 times heavier! That's over 270 tons / 243,000 kg of pure muscle swimming directly towards us.

Enjoy the (small) video it's a once in a lifetime event.

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