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Music/Soundtracks in our video & slideshows

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The Mad Dogs only use licensed soundtracks in our media!

While there are many sources for music and soundtracks, be careful before using soundtracks from questionable sources and websites.

Why do I need soundtracks in my video?

Adding soundtracks to a video delivers a much more appealing experience for your visitors. But be sure to use the "right" soundtracks that suits your intended audience - not just the music you like!

There are many sites offering music clips, soundtracks and effects. Aim for high quality and reliable sources. Always be sure that your tracks are original, legal and respective of the artist(s) copyrights.

Folks, spend some money and support the artists - a single or recurring donation goes a long way. Share your success, it is the talents of these people that helped to push your project to the next level!

Two sites we trust and use on a regular basis

 ► Filmmusic - Great music site by artist Sascha Ende

 ► Pixabay.com - A site with many talented artist

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