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Many hours are spent preparing photos, developing the website and writing the accompanying text. This work is gladly done so that we can share our good fortune and adventures with you. But we need your help!

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If you find any of our text or images on a website not owned by us, The Mad Dogs, it is most likely stolen or hijacked and might be used for potentially suspicious purposes. Please help us and let us know if you know of someone taking credit for our work or if you see our hard work posted on a 3rd party website.

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The Mad Dogs
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The Mad Dog’s motto is “Exploring to inspire…TM” and we hope that you are able to explore and experience what we do through the sights, sounds, images and information presented on our website. Hopefully we are the inspiration for you to Explore the world in your own way. Unfortunately, some individuals and companies are inspired, but choose to take the easy way out by stealing our efforts, as well as those of others, and claim it for themselves.,

Concerning this, we need to make a statement and take action with regards to protecting the images, the general design concept, the text and copywriting of all of our websites, including www.MadDogVoyager.com & www.TheMadDogs.com. The websites are built for the enjoyment of all, however collecting the pictures, preparing them for the web, designing the website and writing the text on the website is a huge undertaking and takes a tremendous amount of time. Please respect us and our work as well as that of the countless others on the internet and ask if you can use something, don't steal it.

Photos, images and text on all websites owned by The Mad Dogs, unless covered by separate usage agreements from The Mad Dogs may not be used without written authorization from The Mad Dogs.

If you would like to use any of our media (including text, slogans or concepts) for any commercial application including, but not limited to, print, digital or electronic mediums, you must first contact us and receive written permission before using our media. We have digital versions available under various free, licensed or outright purchase agreements. Any use of our media and information by unauthorized parties will constitute copyright infringement and will be subject to legal action. Please contact us for details.

Digital compilations and productions developed by The Mad Dogs which are covered under alternate usage licenses, may be displayed in any commercial setting providing there is no inference of ownership of the materials or the production.

Display and usage of Screensavers and Digital Jigsaw Puzzles produced by The Mad Dogs, may be installed and used on any number of computers, both personal and business, providing these productions are not reverse-engineered, images are not extracted for other purposes and no copyright marks are obscured.

Logos and trademarks not owned by The Mad Dogs are the property of the respective owners and trademark holders and you must contact them directly for copyright and usage permission!

The Mad Dogs, Exploring to inspire...™

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