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Pollution, War, Hate, Greed & Climate Change!
Our site Exploring to Inspire is not about our personal lives! We are not trying to sell you anything or begging you for money. No selfies here, just photos and videos we have made ourselves to inspire our visitors while sailing on our Canadian sailing yacht Mad Dog Voyager. Cool things you might also encounter if you explore the great outdoors yourself!

Embrace life and start exploring our planet before it is completely spoiled by trash, pollution, hate, war & greed!

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Mobile friendly ZEN slide albums & videos!
A large collection of photos & videos about the Mad Dogs sailing the Canadian and Alaska coast in summer and winter! We have photos and videos of Canadian wildlife, Alaskan wildlife and of the untamed nature of Canada & Alaska. We have been sailing the Canadian & Alaskan coasts fulltime for about 9 years on our sailing yacht Mad Dog Voyager. The Mad Dogs have several mobile friendly photo albums (slideshows) to choose from and several videos to choose from.

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 ► Special: Video "Very close Wolf Encounter"

 ► Special: Video "The 9 Humpback Whales Encounter"
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The Mad Dogs are friendly and social, but we are not Social Media friendly. Instead of spending hours maintaining social media sites, we prefer to get out into nature. As such, our social media presence is very limited and updates are very infrequent. Feel free to share our images on social media pages, blogs or websites to encourage others to enjoy the great outdoors! .
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So friends, get off the couch, Go out, explore and Live...
Try to be unique, be yourself & take control of your life,
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Treat every one like you wanna be treated,
see how that changes your life! ~ Willie Nelson

Now friends, go out and explore!

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