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About the on-going web upgrades:

Website layout & graphic changes!

We have started to convert our website to a more mobile website. When exploring our website you will notice different layouts and graphics. The font size will be increased and there will be less text on our pages (People don't read much anymore (Thanks for your feedback! For this reason our pages are now divided (temporary) between these two web sites:
We hope to have it all cleaned up in the near future! Thanks for your understanding!
Pinterest pins for you
  Mad Dog Pins for your Pinterest boards
Creating a Mobile friendly website
We are making our websites more mobile friendly! The content TheMadDogs.com will be moved to www.ExploringToInspire.com in the coming months.

Videos soon to be on YouTube
Created a dedicated page on YouTube for our Mad Dog videos. All of our favourite videos will soon be uploaded to this account!

Still puzzled?
  Added 29 free puzzles to our puzzle download page

New photo series for Mobiles
  Updated large format section with 80 new photos
  Uploaded photos of our trip to Tokyo, Japan

Introducing our websites:

Exploring to inspire...™
Travels on our sailing vessel Mad Dog Voyager will be moved to our travel site ExploringToInspire.com
The Mad Dogs (Currently our main web site)
This website TheMadDogs.com will be a "portal" web site for all of our Mad Dog Activities.

The Tropical Mystique
The website TheTropicalMystique.com and TropicalMystiqueResort.com are about our 2nd home (located in the Philippines and currently available for sale)

Mad Dog Planet
The website MadDogPlanet.com is currently our portal website for Mad Dog related product & services but will also be our shopping channel for our guest in the near future.
Social Media pages
The Mad Dogs will also be using various pages on facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to promote the Mad Dogs. Our Twitter account will be activated when we have enough data to be worthwhile to "twit"
Our personal web pages
Mad Dog Dean & Mad Dog Leo
Have yourself a great day & take care!

The Mad Dogs
Exploring to inspire...
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